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Committed To Helping You Identify Lucrative Opportunities

Creating competitive advantages in today’s fast moving, ever-changing global economy by identifying and facilitating your business growth through strategic alliances and joint ventures.

Strategic Partnerships are vital and essential to maintaining a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. Have you ever felt that there are opportunities that you couldn’t capitalize on because you didn’t have the time, capital, resources, or connections?

Our service:

Fern Resources specializes in arranging strategic alliances and joint ventures.

  • Discover new markets
  • Expand existing markets
  • Discover new distribution channels to markets
  • Add products and/or services to a company’s already existing mix
  • Reduce the costs of production and/or operations.
  • Gain exposure to new business models
  • Gain exposure to merger and acquisition possibilities
  • Find traditional and/or alternative sources of capital

We save you time, take fewer resources and produce faster and more profitable results.

Our background & approach:

Fern Resources has distinctive core competencies. Its 20 year history in business networking and relationship development, as well as its vast and ever-expanding network of people in a variety of industries and geographic regions, gives you the leverage you need for successful deals.

We strive for quick results to meet your pressing needs; as well as for creative and long-term solutions to bottlenecks of business growth that you would have otherwise overlooked.

Our discovery process:

We bring our proprietary discovery process with a unique interactive brainstorming approach that will enable us to get a clear picture of: exactly what it is you do; who it is your do it for; how it is you go about doing it; and most importantly, where it is you would like to go in the future.

Finding the right partner:

Based on the discovery process we can quickly ascertain whether our core competency and our contacts are a fit for growing a particular company through strategic alliances and joint ventures. We recognize that we cannot possibly be a fit for all companies.

If we do conclude that there is a fit, we will initiate our process of introducing you to appropriate strategic or joint venture partners.

Profiles of alliances:

Expansion through partnering can expand a company’s capabilities and bottom line in several areas.

  • Increasing the revenues
    • Expanding current market share
    • Expanding product/service lines
    • Discovering new distribution channels
  • New business models
    • Partnering with a new and complementary business
    • M&A opportunities
  • Decreasing the costs
    • Outsourcing & Offshoring opportunities
    • Technology
    • Innovative, back office technology

Utilizing our existing and ever-expanding network of people in a variety of industries and geographic regions, we will screen the prospects for you…and present you with a short list of prospects for your review. We will guide you in selecting the prospects suitable for your immediate and long term needs.

However, our approach at Fern Resources is to find, institute, and make workable one alliance at a time.

Relationship management:

We will function as Manager to facilitate the process. We will arrange a series of meetings for effective conversations in person and other means so that mutual interest is fostered…and opportunities for alliances are identified. This is our strength.

Both parties will have legal and financial trusted advisors. Our main role is in identifying, vetting, and connecting compatible businesses. We are team players with trusted advisors.

Where necessary, we will arrange and coordinate the use of other professional services and consulting e.g. legal, compliance, finance, investment, accounting, business valuation, management consulting, market research, etc., to expedite the completion of strategic alliance and joint venture agreements.

Our fees:

Our fees are based on the value we provide in precipitating extraordinary growth for your business through strategic alliances and joint ventures.

Due to the complexity and variety of strategic alliances and joint ventures in initiating business growth, we will provide a specific proposal after our discussions with you.

However, the following outline will give you an overview of the structure of our fees:

  • One time initial development fee, for our discovery process and the initial partnering identification.
  • On-going fee for arranging and managing the strategic alliance and joint venture.
  • All are based on performance.
  • These formulas and the time frame will be discussed and finalized before engagement.

Fern Resources has dynamic relationships with hundreds of qualified businesses. We are dedicated to supplying superior resources and connections which will help achieve sustainable growth, higher profitability, and dramatically enhance your position in the marketplace.

Identifying and Building Super Alliances